Iphone only magnetic adsorption type clip power supply 4000mah for 4.7inch iphone, 5000mah for 5.5inch iphone

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There are 4 colors to choose: Red, Black, Blue, Purple.

Unique Module Magnetic Back Clip Portable Charger (Portable Charger + Mobile Phone Shell)

4.7 inch 4000mAh suitable for Iphone 6/6s/7.
5.5 inch 5000mah suitable for Iphone 6plus/6splus/7plus.

Wireless mobile phone charging shell, get rid of cables.

Separate design away frombattery kidnapping.

Large capacity, can charge 1.8 times.

Hidden 5 strong magnetic plates to ensure powerful suction. Battery doesn’t drop even if hanged and swayed in the air.

The bottom of the phone is equipped with a charging interface, can be directly plugged to charge or read data.

The battery can be charged separately for other phones, and the design of the separate battery saves enough space to use fast charge technology, which is 40% faster than other back clip batteries.

Eliminating bricks-style clip, weighing only 30g, equal to the weight of ordinary mobile phone shell.

Using a stand-alone power metering chip, accurate monitoring of battery voltage, can be free to control the charge, Press to start charging, press again to turn off the charge.


Item specifics
Battery Type Li-polymer Battery
Capacity 4000mAh for 4.7''(IPHONE 6/6s/7), 5000mAh for 5.5''(IPHONE 6 plus/6s plus/7 plus)
Color Red, Black
Dimension 110*64*10mm
Input DC 5.0V±0.5V/2.1A
Input Interface
Is LED Lamp Illumination No
Material Plastic
Output DC 5.0V±0.5V/2.1A
Output Interface Single USB
Type Emergency / Portable / only for Iphone
Weight 4.7‘’ 150g / 5.5‘’ 180g
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